Fashion Tips For Men in the Fall Season


The fall or autumn season in the Northern Hemisphere officially starts in September. It is about time men think of warmer clothes like custom hoodies and accessories while still maintaining a stylish look. Here are some must-haves for the fall season that fashion-forward men should consider:

Velvet for men
Velvet for men is not exactly a new trend, this rich and opulent fabric has been the choice of stylish men since time immemorial. Compared to the more ordinary wool, velvet as a fabric for suit will make you stand out and be noticed. For men who want to impress, they should invest in a velvet sports jacket or better yet a velvet suit. A velvet sports jacket worn with trousers made of a different cloth or velvet trousers with another type of jacket or a velvet sports jacket and trousers together will set you apart from the herd.

key club tee

An elegant scarf

Scarves are real must-haves for Fall not only to keep you warm but to provide color and texture to a cold weather outfit. But an elegant scarf made of silk or cashmere as the weather gets colder is The fashion statement.

Get yourself an elegant silk or cashmere scarf in solid colors or in plaid or checks in this autumn’s hottest colors of gold, raspberry wine, or burnt sienna for that perfect accent for your fall outwear.

Leather gloves
As the temperature drops you will need gloves to keep your hands warm. Leather gloves should be your best option when choosing what to buy.

Leather gloves are a must-have for this 2017 Fall. Choose thin but suitably lined and water resistant for that added protection and preferably in brown or tan color.

The timeless tweed jacket is one clothing item that never goes out of mens fashion. Many fashion trends come and go, but the tweed as fabric for jackets has remained a great favorite by men who know quality and desire comfort in their clothes. A tweed jacket is the true classic and a must-have for men with impeccable taste.

Tweed Jackets 

Tweed is woolen fabric with a soft, flexible texture that can either come as a plain twill weave or with a herringbone or check pattern. The fabric is produced in several subdued interesting colors by interweaving differently colored woolen threads into a two or three- ply strand. The timeless tweed jacket is a desirable casual outwear because of its durability and moisture – resistant quality. The timeless tweed is worn by the most discriminating gentlemen, including the Prince of Wales. Some of the reasons why the timeless tweed has been and always will be in fashion are:

• It’s detailed patterns has a very classic look
• The soft, flexible texture of the fabric makes a tweed jacket very comfortable to wear
• It is a very durable and moisture resistant fabric making it an ideal outwear for any season
• In spite of its breathable quality that provides comfort particularly during the warm weather, it also provide warmth when needed
• Timeless tweeds are light enough making it perfect for layering
• The subtle colors and patterns of the timeless tweeds make it easy to combine with other fabrics, styles and colors.

The timeless tweed never really left the fashion scene since it is forever in demand by men with unimpeachable taste in clothes. But more recently it is becoming more and more of a trendy choice with designers and high-end stores including the timeless tweed in their collections especially for the fall and winter season. The high-quality of the tweed fabric that made a timeless tweed the choice of royalty and savvy men of stature and importance is one reason why it is a perfect addition to any man’s wardrobe.

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