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A Guide to Cleaning Curtains


Curtains are probably the only fabrics that get dirty very easily. They look beautiful when they are put up at first but over the time accumulate unwanted stuff and lose their charm. They take in dust and pollutants from the window, cooking smells from the kitchen, smoke and also bear the innumerable times you wipe your hands clean on them. Also, they get exposed to sunlight directly which tends to fade the colors. You can contact good quality professionals like cleaners Brisbane to give you cleaning services if you live around Brisbane.

With the passage of time, these stains start to get darker and become noticeable especially on light colours and delicate fabrics. So, it’s time for washing them clean. Cleaning curtains can become very easy if you learn the tricks of the trade. Here are some tips for you.

Curtain Cleaning Services

Washing machine and Hand Washing

Lightweight curtains are best cleaned by washing machine as heavy fabric will retain water. But before you put your curtains into the machine, remove all hardware. Also, if the material is delicate, consider washing it with hands as the mechanics of the machine might fray and tear the cloth. Always prefer to use cold water to wipe away the stains and remember to use little detergent.

Dry Clean

Some curtains come with labels that say ‘Dry Clean only’. If you happen to clean them in any other way, the colour might fade or the texture of the cloth might get altered.

Steam Clean

Handheld steam cleaners are available in the market. Make sure you follow all the instructions in the manual in order to get clean curtains.

Once you clean your curtains, let them dry naturally in air. Never ever put them into a dryer because the creases can be very hard to remove. Put them in a breezy area away from exposure to direct sunlight. Once they are dry, give them a quick press to give them a look that is as good as new. Apart from these, you should regularly care for your curtains, probably weekly or fortnightly by vacuuming them clean of dust. For light fabrics, shake them well to keep them clean. This should be regularly done to keep them looking good for some time. This should help you clean up your curtains. Curtains are one of the most noticeable features in a room. You should be aesthetic and sensitive enough to clean them. If you do, you will probably have the qualities of a great homemaker. You may contact house cleaners Perth to give quality service to you and take away all your worries about cleaning.